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Fully Connected Shipping

New 3PL Integration with Simplified Logistics

While most Pacejet users recognize real-time carrier integration as core feature of the platform, we do also integrate with a network of 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service providers. Each 3PL offers their own unique value-add for shippers and Pacejet allows users to interact electronically with 3PL services just like any carrier to run ERP-integrated processing for freight quotes, shipping, tracking, reporting, and other functionality. For today's post we'll take a closer look at Simplified Logistics (www.simplifiedlogistics.com), a new 3PL service provider just integrated into the Pacejet network.


Founded in 2003, Simplified Logistics has deep roots and experience in LTL shipping, rate optimization, and in helping shippers manage their LTL freight spend. Named #65 on the Inc. 500 list in 2007, Simplified Logistics is today a privately held, profitable, owner managed business focused on logistics services that deliver the highest value at the lowest costs to clients. If you're looking for new shipping options for your business, unique services from Simplified Logistics include:

  • Transportation consulting services to help clients save 15-20% or more on shipping costs
  • Special services to help clients manage freight liability and recovery 
  • Carrier negotiation support to provide lower cost options for freight shipping
  • Dynamic routing to select a carrier mix that optimizes shipping spend regionally

Pacejet Integration

Pacejet users can activate Simplified Logistics in your location(s) alongside other carriers with an existing account or a new account obtained from the Simplified Logistics team. Quoting, shipping with a bill of lading, tendering of shipment details are all supported. Dynamic carrier coverage is allowed and users can take advantage of accessorials such as Appointment Required, Expedited Delivery, Guaranteed By Day, Inside Delivery, Lift Get, Residential Delivery, and other special services. You will need to configure your printing preferences for existing workstations and configure any ERP shipping carrier setup for automatic ERP updates.

Learn More

If you're interested in learning more about Pacejet or services from Simplified Logistics, reach out and let us know how we can help. 



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