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5 Power-User Features To Help with Shipping Spikes (Pt 2)

Shipping spikes can be tricky to manage, whether they are predictable by season or impact your business without warning. Since many shippers seem to have some types of volume spikes to manage, we thought we'd spend a few posts covering some power-user features that might help you put the hammer down when you need a productivity boost. Today's post includes a 3 minute video demo and is focused on using Pacejet as a shipping engine to quickly process shipments without any UI (aka user interface).

Shipping Power Features

Read on to see the 3 minute Demo Video and learn more ...

Using the Pacejet Shipping Engine with No UI

The Pacejet user interface is useful to help shippers drive processes, record detail, make decisions, access reports and data, and more. Sometimes the user interface in any software can get in the way, however, and that's where the Pacejet option of shipping without a user interface can come in handy (sometimes called "headless operation" by some software ... though we prefer "no UI"). Today's demonstration focuses on two use-cases for no-UI shipping, one working on batches of orders and another an "instant ship" process.

When and How Would I Apply It?

You're not locked into using either no-UI or UI-driven shipping in your business, you can mix and match to meet your specific needs. Our experience has been that many shippers have various types of customers, programs, products, or geographies that generate variations in their shipping patterns. So think of no-UI shipping as just another tool to help you align more efficient shipping with the demands of your growing business.

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