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How Doing Less Math Gives You Better Freight Quotes

Calculating the cost of an LTL shipment actually involves an annoying amount of math. It's not calculus but freight calculations usually involve large tables of data, NMFC code to freight class conversations, zip code coverage checks, fuel surcharges, service fee additions, etc... Software can seem to make life a littler easier but if the tools you use are still managing static data and automating the pricing math, then your freight quotes may be way off!

Read on to see a video demo of how Pacejet gets more accurate freight quote results without all the math ...

Let the Carriers Do the Math

One of the "less than obvious" features of older shipping software (whether it's on-premise, hosted, or even some cloud/websites) is that the prices you see during LTL, Parcel, or 3PL freight quoting or shipping are not "real-time" rates. Because older software for freight quoting and shipping often uses static tariff data and rating rules written in the software, locally managed data and pricing logic can quickly become out of date (e.g. fuel, surcharges, etc...) resulting in price calculations with errors. Unlike older software, Pacejet connects to carriers directly, in real-time, using your contracts to retrieve quotes. Pacejet sends all carriers the details of your planned shipment in parallel, they "do the math" in their systems, and results are returned in real-time.

Demonstration of Pacejet Freight Quoting for LTL

Take a closer look at how "less math" can deliver "more accuracy" in today's video demo of Pacejet. The 5 minute demo showcases LTL freight quoting through several different ERP transaction types around the lifecycle of an order.

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