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Fully Connected Shipping

Easier Access to Shipping Data Can Help You Grow

Sometimes difficulties in capturing and using key types of shipping data can increase costs, trigger charge-back fees from customers, or even keep your sales team from landing that next big customer. Today's post includes a demo video showing expanded shipping data recorded in the NetSuite ERP system; what's included, what it looks like, and how it might be useful to help you take on new challenges as your business changes and grows over time.

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New Data Needs for Your Growing Business

If your business is changing, growing, or expanding, then there is a good chance you'll need access to a richer, more complete range of data about shipments as you send them out the door each day. Maybe you need container identifiers with item contents detail for your Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) transmissions. Or perhaps one of your most important customers has asked you to start printing UCC128 labels and transmitting ASN EDI with SSCC values (Serial Shipping Container Code). While the triggering business issues might be different, the result is the same need to adapt your systems to capture, manage, and use some new type of data as an integrated part of your shipping process.

Video Demo of Expanded Shipping Data for Your ERP

If you've used Pacejet for awhile or are just getting started, then you know that a broad range of data is captured and managed as you process shipments. Features like packing help you capture container ID's, contents, dimensions, weight, and freight class information. Multi-carrier and multi-mode functionality (e.g. Parcel, LTL, 3PL) captures costs, prices, freight terms, tracking numbers, labels, and more. While standard Pacejet integrations often record much of the extra data managed in the shipping process into discrete fields in your ERP, it's not always possible or efficient to break out every type of expanded data into custom ERP fields. As today's demo video shows, the good news is that Pacejet provides a mechanism to publish an expanded and extensible set of shipping data into your ERP to support advanced use-cases such as EDI, customer compliance, and more.

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