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Fully Connected Shipping

Confidence in the Commerce and Customer Experience

NetSuite and Pacejet client Thos. Baker is proving that by having the right tools in place, companies can easily streamline their entire business processes, including shipping.

And the stats don't lie.

After implementing NetSuite, Thos. Baker saw an increase in customer engagement through their website, seeing an increase in pages viewed per session by more than 40 percent and average time on site has increased by over 35 percent.

An increase in customer engagement means more orders placed and shipped out the door. Shortly after Thos. Baker implemented NetSuite, the company added Pacejet to help more quickly determine the right shipping services for the best customer experience at the lowest cost. And because Pacejet easily integrates with NetSuite, Thos. Baker was able to see ROI rather quickly.

Again. The stats don't lie.

Better visibility of warehouse orders that could be shipped via Parcel instead of more expensive LTL services helped Thos. Baker staff increase Parcel shipments from 12.5% of orders to 36.7% in one year. The company experienced additional benefits with Pacejet, listed here.

Companies are proving that an easier commerce experience begins with the right tools.

Watch the customer spotlight video (provided by NetSuite) that highlights more of Thos. Baker's success with NetSuite.

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