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Fully Connected Shipping

New Services Available via Ex Freight Connection

Central to our mission at Pacejet is to help shippers access more carriers with unified quoting and shipping workflows that help improve customer service and reduce costs. In case you haven't checked out the Pacejet carrier network lately, you can now reach just about 94% of the $33B LTL services market in the U.S. We're constantly adding new carriers and enhancing carrier services, so we like to provide periodic updates on some of the latest improvements. For today's post, we thought we'd cover some enhancements to our Ex Freight connection.

About Ex Freight

Ex Freight (http://www.exfreight.com/) provides a range of services including LTL, full truckload, international parcel, and more. By providing access to services from multiple providers, Ex Freight can expand your access to more types of shipping services with better prices. We first added Ex Freight to the Pacejet Carrier Network in mid 2014 and just recently released an updated connection with enhanced access to Ex Freight Services.

New Services via Ex Freight Connection

The standard Ex Freight connection provides access to LTL services with support for a wide range of accessorial services such as call for appointment, construction site delivery/pickup, hotel access delivery/pickup, inside delivery/pickup, and more. The latest connection now supports full truckload integration for 53ft vans and new domestic air rates.

The Ex Freight connection also supports either a single passed in freight class for a set of containers or an automatic density-based freight class calculation. And like other 3PL connections, Pacejet can provide visibility to multiple carriers through the connection while also supporting automatic Bill of Lading creation and standard ERP integration.

Learn More

Interested in learning more about Pacejet or Ex Freight services? Contact us today at 877-722-3538 or via pacejet.com.

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