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Fully Connected Shipping

Big Week for Cloud Software in San Jose

This week is a big one for cloud-based business software with the NetSuite user conference "SuiteWorld" happening in San Jose. Team Pacejet will be there in booth 737 showing off our latest in cloud-based shipping software including our advanced NetSuite ERP integration. Even if NetSuite is not your ERP system of choice, you'l probably want to keep an eye on some of the news and announcements at this event since NetSuite is leading the cloud ERP software race at the moment.


Stay tuned to blog.pacejet.com or @Pacejet on twitter if you can't stop down to visit us at SuiteWorld booth 737 in San Jose. We're planning on posting, sharing, tweeting, and generally having some fun. We've also kept some new innovations in reserve (many of which are available for users of any ERP by the way) to announce and show off at SuiteWorld.

Most Powerful ERP Shipping Integration

If SuiteWorld were the Emmys we think we'd have the category of "most advanced shipping integration" nailed this year and will be demonstrating it with flair on the show floor. As far as we can tell, Pacejet is the first and only NetSuite partner to support the new NetSuite Token Based Authentication feature in production which makes using advanced NetSuite shipping workflows through Pacejet a breeze. We're also super-excited about some of our new use-cases such as the ability to use the Pacejet carrier network as an "integrated shipping engine" and process NetSuite shipments with 1-click or in batches without requiring any use of the Pacejet user interface for rate-shopping or packing.

Scanity, Scan, Scan, Scan

We're very likely to overdo it on the scanning demos from the show floor with our new Scan Pack module. It's just too much fun to process shipments without ever touching the keyboard and it makes you feel like a "gun slinger" as you work a bluetooth scanner to pack and ship instead of working the keyboard. Sorry, we can't help it ... we get kind of geeky when it comes to shipping, software, barcodes, and scanners.

Many Options for Shipping Workflows

In our 10+ years of experience working on focused shipping solutions, we've come to realize that there isn't one perfect workflow that works for everyone. It's how we've ended up with so many ways to pack, quote, ship, bill, and track shipments. This idea really hit home recently as we started rolling out some of our new NetSuite workflows that treat Pacejet as a "shipping engine" to connect NetSuite to all kinds of new carriers but let users drive the core shipping process from standard NetSuite pages. Unfortunately with all the options to 1-click, batch fulfill and ship, batch pack and ship, auto-pack, etc... you're probably going to hear that annoying answer "it depends" more often, when you ask us what's the best and most streamlined shipping workflow in Pacejet.

Enhanced Shipping Data Recorded in the ERP

We're big on choice and open access to the enhanced shipping data provided by Pacejet for other uses. For example, the Pacejet 15.2 updated we rolled out a few weeks ago along with the NetSuite 5.11 bundle released just last week greatly expand the amount of shipping detail data we attach to item fulfillment in the NetSuite ERP system (also available with other ERP's). As you can probably guess, this means add-on EDI modules can now more easily map all kinds of additional shipping data like tracking numbers, container id's, container weight, shipping price, freight terms, and more directly from the ERP system. You pack and ship just like normal with Pacejet and the enhanced data just flows into the ERP system and attaches to the other item fulfillment data.

Reach out or stop by to see us!

That's it for now but you'll hear from us a lot this week. Stop by to see us if you can or reach out to talk about your shipping challenges at 877-722-3538 or via pacejet.com.

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