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Fully Connected Shipping

What Can Cloud Shipping Do for You?

Thinking about running part of your business using cloud-based solutions but not sure where to start? Which applications deliver the best ROI? Do you have to run your full ERP system or can you start with other modules? What about ERP integration?

Take a closer look at shipping! Cloud-based shipping software like Pacejet is built with an entirely new architecture than previous-generation, on-premise software. It's easier to implement, easier to maintain, and delivers other benefits you may not have considered. Read on for more.

More Choice and Access to Unlimited Carriers
When using traditional shipping software, users have to visit each carrier's website for current freight costs, transit times and additional services offerings. This method continues to be a cumbersome and tedious process, only being limited to the carriers they had installed on their computers. When using a cloud shipping solution like Pacejet, users connect to their carriers directly for real-time rate shopping and accurate freight quotes. Because Pacejet connects shippers directly to carriers, this major difference over traditional software can save shippers thousands of dollars per month,

Less Headaches with Seamless ERP Integration
Traditional software uses outdated technologies to support shipping execution. Shipping via the cloud offers a real-time connection with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as NetSuite to help you eliminate data entry, speed up processes like freight-quoting, and more ... all while managing your shipping in one place.

More Powerful Shipping Workflows
Because cloud shipping connects in real-time with ERP systems and carriers, new types of more powerful workflows are possible than in previous generations of software. As ERP systems record inventory picking activities, ready-to-ship orders can flow automatically to workflows that process shipments in user-managed batches or as automated background tasks with no user involvement. Automated packing, consolidation, scan-and-ship, and other advanced workflows can help users balance the right amount of data capture with maximum automation.

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