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New Pacejet Stuff to See At SuiteWorld

With NetSuite SuiteWorld just two weeks away, we wanted to give everyone (customers, partners, NetSuite staff, prospects, and total strangers) a not so subtle reminder to stop by booth 737 to see team Pacejet. There are new modules to see, refined features to learn about, new carrier options to discuss, and improved NetSuite shipping workflows you'll want to understand. For today's post we cherry picked some of the top "new stuff" we think you'll want to see; challenge us to show you all five items in ten minutes or less!

1. New Freight Quoting and More Carriers

It's old news that the Pacejet carrier network includes Old Dominion, Estes, and Conway. And, of course, everyone knows we also support YRC, R&L, and SAIA. But did you know you could use ABF, Central Transport, AAA Cooper, Reddaway, and more? What about regional parcel carriers like Pitt Ohio or OnTrack or maybe international carriers like Canada Post or DHL? The Pacejet carrier network has grown substantially in the last year or two, stop by to learn about the latest. And while you're there, let us know your priorities and which carriers you'd like to see added.

2. Scan Validation and Packing

We're very excited about the Pacejet Scan Pack module and how it can help NetSuite shippers improve the accuracy of their shipments and more easily create the container contents detail for paperwork and labels. It's fast, uses visual and audio confirmations, and works seamlessly with other Pacejet packing methods. If saving time and reducing errors is on your radar, then stop by for a demo.

3. Speed via Hot Keys, Instant Ship, Async Update

You can never have too much ice cream in your sundae, there are never too many slices of pizza left over, and shipping can never be too fast. Over the last 6 months alone, Pacejet has delivered a blizzard of new tools to speed up every step in packing and shipping processes. Stop by to learn more about hot keys, see how the new Async Update works, see how Instant Ships might work for your process, and more.

4. Single-Signon and Token-Based Authentication

As our Built for NetSuite integration has grown across more NetSuite functions and use-cases, more types of users need access to Quote, Ship, Track, or Report on shipments. We've expanded our integration technology to support single signon and use the latest token-based authentication to provide seamless connectivity and interoperability between your carriers, shipping data, and NetSuite. Although it's a "techy topic", I'm sure we can bring it down to earth by showing you how these new technologies can make user management easier.

5. Latest NetSuite Bundle Updates

A key objective for the Pacejet development team this last year has been to deliver continuous bundle updates driven by user input and feature requests. The team has added new shipping controls, better support for special services, new flexibility for user fields, new standard NetSuite shipping fields and controls, options for shipping with other NetSuite WMS and scanning solutions, and much more. Stop to get a quick tour of the latest improvements.

See You There or Contact Us !

Stop by booth 737 at SuiteWorld to see Pacejet. Not going to make it? Contact us today at 877-722-3538 or via pacejet.com.

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