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What's New in the Upcoming Pacejet 15.2 Release

The snow is melting, robins have returned to Ohio, and the Pacejet 15.2 release is nearing deployment --- all signs of spring in the air! In case you're new to the Pacejet blog or confused by the "15" version number, Pacejet now uses calendar based version numbers so "15.2" means the second feature release of 2015. Scheduled for Q2 deployment, the Pacejet 15.2 release brings new performance improvements, new modules, software corrections, feature improvements, and expanded data support for ERP integrations.

Read on for more on the Pacejet 15.2 release...

Speed Boost with Asynchronous ERP Updates

The Pacejet 15.2 update continues our work to deliver the fastest ERP-integrated shipping process available in a cloud software solution. The latest Pacejet innovation will introduce a new ERP integration technology that can improve overall shipping throughput by 30% or more. Described in a recent blog posting as "Asynchronous ERP Updates", the new configuration setting allows Pacejet users to continue working while ERP systems accept and process updates as a background activity. So even if your ERP system slows down during those afternoon rush shipping periods, your shipping process can continue quickly.

New Scan Pack Module

The new scan pack module was also announced in a previous blog posting and has gone through customer reviews and refinements as part of the work towards first availability in the 15.2 release. Fast verification of items in shipments and recording of container contents remain the key features of this new module. If stamping out shipping errors is on your priority list this year, contact Pacejet for a closer look at this new module.

Usability Enhancements

Usability and processing speed remain priorities with every new version of Pacejet and release 15.2 is no exception. The previous blog posting on new usability enhancements in 15.2 outlined many of the new tools and shortcuts in the release. One of our favorites that we're sure you will want to try is the global scan-and-ship shortcut key for quickly processing shipment after shipment.

Administrator Control and More

Additional administrator pages and controls, new enhancements for the batch processing module, and expanded access to application settings are a few of the other updates in 15.2. The release also brings major data expansion support for ERP systems, which will allow integration updates to transmit more shipping data to ERP systems (for example, to provide better EDI support). Other behind the scenes work includes a new plug-in manager that will help Pacejet service and support teams manage business logic customizations and extensions in a more consistent and standard way.

Coming Soon in Q2

The new Pacejet 15.2 release will be deployed in Q2 with an automatic upgrade process to customers already on the latest Pacejet platform version. Watch this blog for details on the deployment along with the message notification system in the Pacejet application.

Learn More

Interested in learning more about Pacejet 15.2 or other Pacejet features? Contact us today at 877-722-3538 or via pacejet.com.


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