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Fully Connected Shipping

Choosing the Right Shipping Solution: An Evaluator's Guide (Webinar 3/19)

You know your shipping needs inside and out, but translating your needs into an RFP, vetting potential solutions, and scoring demonstrations is a grueling process. How can you be sure you've considered the key factors and are choosing the right solution?

Join Ron Lee, CTO of Pacejet on Thursday, March 19 at 2pm EDT as he walks through some of the key factors that every business should consider as they select a shipping system. During this 30-minute webinar, Ron will give you the tips in areas including:

  • Core Shipping Features: 3 value dimensions, key features, ROI calculation
  • ERP Integration: what it does, why it's important, what to look for
  • Cloud or On-Premise: why cloud is preferred by more buyers
  • Scaling as You Grow: changing carriers, adding sites, adding users or stations
  • Workflow Flexibility: basic workflows, advanced workflows, typical customizations
  • Carrier Support: connect or tariff data, pricing and finance controls

Whether you've selected and implementing zero, one, or ten shipping solutions in your career, this session will provide some fresh ideas on what to look for in your next evaluation.

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