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Get Moving On Your Upgrade to Pacejet 15

If you haven't looked more closely at upgrading to the latest Pacejet 15 version now is the time to consider it. Whether you run Pacejet as an integrated part of an Infor, NetSuite, SAP, Plex, Microsoft or other ERP system, a Pacejet upgrade offers faster performance, new features, and a better overall user experience. To help get you started, today's post takes a closer look at a few top reasons you'll want to make sure your shipping operation is running on the latest Pacejet 15 version.

Read on for reasons to upgrade to Pacejet 15.


The new version of Pacejet is up to 5x faster than the previous version in almost every area of functionality. Faster page loads, speedier navigation, and more parallel operation of key functionality such as rating make the entire workflow quicker and easier. In addition to a raw performance boost, the new version downloads smaller amounts of session data to web browsers during operation so users with slower Internet connections will also notice an increase in speed.

Improved User Experience

The latest version of Pacejet uses a "responsive" user interface, a design that reacts better to diverse screen sizes, equipment configurations, and browsers. While familiar pages such as the Rate and Ship screen and Shipping Workbench remain core areas of the application, screen layouts require less scrolling, provide easier navigation, and allow you to adjust the display with standard browser settings. The new experience also eliminates many screen refreshes during transactions to save even more time.

Faster and Easier Packing

Packing features were re-factored in Pacejet 15 to provide faster performance, easier operation, and more flexible options to "add detail". For basic identification of shipping containers, users can quickly select new or clone existing containers and record basic parameters such as weight, class, declared value, or insured value. If container contents detail is required, users can drill to the contents packing page to drag and drop items into containers. Automatic weight recalculation, scale integration, and other tools are readily accessible for a faster overall pack and ship workflow process (also see new features below for new scan-packing options).

New and Updated Carriers

Another benefit of moving to Pacejet 15 is the availability of upgraded carrier features, software corrections, and new carriers for shipping. As detailed in an earlier blog post (Carrier Network Updates Add Options and Improvements), many new updates to UPS, FedEx, USPS, regional parcel, LTL, and 3PL carriers have been deployed to the latest Pacejet version. If increased carrier choice and performance is on your near-term list, you'll want to get on the latest Pacejet version for the most complete options.

Workflow Accelerators

In addition to an improved user experience from the new responsive design, Pacejet 15 also includes new shortcut keys, hyperlinks, saved templates, and favorites to help accelerate workflows. Short keys provide quick access to specific features without using a mouse, for example clicking "S" on the shipping workbench allows you to scan in a sales order to locate a specific shipment. Hyperlinks such as those on the shipment confirmation page allow users to quickly move back and forth between frequently used actions. The new saved templates features make it easier to save manually entered shipment data into "templates" which can then be used to quickly process new quotes or manual shipments. And the new favorites system allows you to save links to commonly used Pacejet pages or external website pages, so tools you use every day are located in one central, shipping-focused area.

Updates and New Features

Beyond the basic improvements in core workflows and tools, Pacejet 15 set the stage for more rapid release of new feature enhancements and major new modules (e.g. for example, see the feature list for the Pacejet 15.1 release automatically rolled out in January). For example, the new Special Services area allows user administrators to more easily activate and use special carrier services in shipping (e.g. see the blog posting on using special services for more detail). The new User Fields page allows configuration and naming of special fields to capture and use additional data in shipping. New modules and features such as the scan pack solution to validate items as you pack containers or the new asynchronous ERP updates which allow users to continue processing while ERP system updates happen in the background will only be available on Pacejet 15.

More Information

Interested in learning more about Pacejet or the Pacejet 15 upgrade? Contact us today at 877-722-3538 or via pacejet.com.

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