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Fully Connected Shipping

Reduce Costs and Errors with Automatic Address Correction

One of the more frustrating shipping errors is a simple addressing mistake that results in a carrier charge-back fee, a returned shipment, or both. With the growth of online commerce and more shipments coming from multiple channels, it's easier for addressing errors to creep into ordering and fulfillment processes. Fortunately, Pacejet offers an address correction service that helps you find and fix bad addresses before you try to use them.



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Activate in Processing or via Webservice

Pacejet address validation is an add-on subscription service which can be accessed as part of standard Pacejet quoting and shipping processes or programmatically used via web service calls. The service covers U.S. and Canadian addresses, is CASS certified, maintenance free, and uses street-level data to verify that addresses actually exist. When activated, the service seamlessly and automatically performs a number of actions that reduce shipping errors and costs such as correcting common addressing errors, verifying addresses exist, and improving address data quality.

Standardized Format

The first step in the validation process is to put addresses into a common format according to postal standards. Mixed use of "Street", "STREET", "ST." and other abbreviations are reduced to a single abbreviation, capitalization differences are removed, and the ship-to address is reduced to a common format that is easily compared between shipments.

Correcting Common Errors

After standardization, the next step in the address validation process is to correct common addressing errors. For example, an invalid zipcode or mispelled city name can be enough to cause delivery problems or to trigger a carrier address correction fee. The correction step eliminates common mistakes before they create larger problems.

Street Level Validation

After an address has been standardized and corrected, the next step is to confirm the existence of the address and whether it can accept deliveries. This process can use primary and secondary address data and validate to the level of a suite or apartment. If an address is flagged as "not valid" you can decide what level of intervention your business should use to determine whether to ship or not.

Residential Indicator

As part of data returned from the address validation process, a residential address indicator flags addresses considered residential by the USPS and most often by other carriers. The residential indicator can be used to automatically set the appropriate indicator in quoting and shipping activities for more accurate freight quotes from carriers.

Demo Video of Address Correction

Watch demonstration video here (link) to see how address correction standardizes addresses and detects residential status in order to pass this information to carriers for more accurate freight quotes.

Contact Us to Learn More

Interested in learning more about Pacejet's address correction services? Call Pacejet at 877-722-3538, email info@pacejet.com, or visit Pacejet.com.

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