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Fully Connected Shipping

Pacejet Network Connectivity Helps Carriers Grow

With the economy improving and shipping volumes increasing, more carriers are turning their attention to growth planning. How to sell to new shippers, where to find the right kind of profitable freight, or how to quickly "on-board" new shipper accounts are just a few examples of challenges faced by carrier sales teams. Pacejet solutions can help carriers eliminate technology barriers to sell services to more shippers, get new accounts shipping quickly, and keep them happier over time.

Read on for more on why joining the Pacejet network is a win for carriers...

Integration with ERP Systems

Carriers in the Pacejet network are easier to work with because their systems are natively integrated to popular ERP systems. Shippers can activate a new carrier using their unique credentials to begin quoting, shipping, printing paperwork, and tracking shipments. The integration between the shipper and carrier supports negotiated terms, can be changed over time, enables dynamic behavior such as routing guides, and requires no complicated discussions about EDI or other legacy technology. For carrier sales teams, having out-of-the-box ERP integration means faster sales cycles, fewer objections, and no expensive integration projects.

Available Where Shipping Is Done

Pacejet connects carriers into the one, multi-carrier shipping solution that shippers use to process all of their Parcel, LTL/Freight, and other shipments. Using a carrier website or TMS system would mean shippers need to go "outside of their system" entering data manually, building integration, and training users on an entirely new way of shipping for just one carrier. Instead, Pacejet levels the playing field for carriers, removing the technology barriers with shippers and enabling carriers to position the services that make them unique and add-value compared to other options in the market.

Better Data and Service Access

Pacejet provides shippers with new tools that make using carrier services easier and more automated. Packing functionality makes it easier for shippers to capture the dimensions, weight, freight class, and other characteristics of freight and quickly calculate freight quotes. Paperwork such as a bill of lading automatically prints, probill numbers are captured, and online tracking links are recorded with every shipment. Shippers can also easily configure access to delivery notification, white glove delivery, special handling, or other special services as part of their order entry process. With fewer process gaps, less manual data entry, and fewer errors, shippers can more easily use carrier services and are happier with the overall experience and results.

Quoted By Shippers As They Sell

Pacejet integrates carrier services into freight quoting processes that shippers use in order entry and on e-commerce websites. When carriers are connected into a shippers sales process, they gain the opportunity to help shippers win new product sales and the chance to increase utilization of their shipping services over time. Unique services become more visible to shippers and their customers, carriers can have an ongoing partnership dialog with how to help shippers grow sales, and the long-term relationship becomes tighter, more mutually beneficial, and less focused on price alone.

Access to Midsize Shippers

Pacejet eliminates technology barriers that make it difficult for carriers to engage with midsize or smaller shippers. Without the need for expensive EDI setup or even a need to discuss the technology issues of integration or implementation, carrier sales teams can focus on the value-add of their unique shipping services and worry less about "enablement". And because midsize shippers can simply "turn on and try" carriers as an integrated part of their ERP system, it's easier for carrier sales teams to go after and win smaller accounts and grow those relationships over time.

Getting Connected to Pacejet

For carriers interested in joining the Pacejet network, the process is a simple matter of a partnership agreement and creation of a "plug-in" that enables rating, shipping, tracking, and voiding activities as part of Pacejet. For carriers that don't yet have online capabilities, Pacejet supports tariff files so we can still make your services available to shippers and then move online when you're ready. Pacejet users shipped millions of containers in 2014 and are processing millions more in 2015, so now is a great time for carriers to get connected to Pacejet!

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you a carrier or shipper, interested in learning more about Pacejet solutions? Call Pacejet at 877-722-3538, email info@pacejet.com, or visit Pacejet.com.

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