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Fully Connected Shipping

Will 2015 Put the Spotlight on Shipping?

2014 was a year of change and challenge in the shipping industry. Fuel spikes and then drops, driver shortages, rate increases, lower-than-expected holiday sales, and new dimensional rules for pricing parcel shipments were just a few of the "big stories" that made it difficult for shippers to keep up. But with the new year, many shippers are finding themselves positioned to think positively about growth and focus more on profit.

With a renewed focus on expansion, where are shippers looking to help improve operations and profitability? Read on for more.

As many businesses look into new growth opportunities, shipping operations are moving into supporting but sometimes leading roles to help:

  • Winning New Sales as Manufacturing, Distribution and E-Commerce Industries Grow: Many industries predict a surge in overall growth, especially within e-commerce. A surge in industry sales means an uptick in shipping but only for the agile businesses who can compete effectively on the total cost of delivered orders. Fast, efficient, and accurate processes to quote shipping costs accurately and through multiple online and traditional sales channels has never been more important.
  • Desire for More Shipping Accuracy: Not only do shippers have to get packages to the consumer in a timely manner, customers demand it. Meeting this customer demand requires shippers to have accurate package tracking in place, address validation that tells them if a location is a residence or a business and effective communication like email notifications to the customer, letting them know the ETA of their order.
  • Keeping All Shipping Information in One Place: The last thing customers want is to receive the wrong order or for it to be shipped to the wrong location. This is a chance for a shipping department to shine by managing all shipping information - from order entry, tracking, shipping, labels to delivery - all in one place. And if the business uses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system all of this shipping information can be fully integrated, without the installation of software.

Do you want your shipping department to shine in 2015? Pacejet can help you keep your customers happy by helping you stay on top of an influx of shipments, keep track of all your packages and manage all your shipping information in one place. Contact us today to learn how.

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