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Fully Connected Shipping

Quoting Freight in the Life-Cycle of Orders

Sometimes you need to quote the cost of shipping at multiple times during the life-cycle of an order to ensure you get the best rates and services for you and your customers. Pacejet provides tools and ERP-integrated business processes that help you include real-time freight quoting with e-commerce websites, sales quotes, sales orders, order fulfillment, and other transactions. Having real-time shipment pricing information available as an integrated part of your sales and fulfillment processes can increase sales win rates while helping you keep a tight eye on profit margins.

Read on for a video demo of freight quoting in order life-cycles ...

Real-Time Shipping Costs Help You Win New Sales

By providing integrated, real-time freight quoting as a native activity within key sales processes, you can improve your win rates by not overestimating the cost of shipping. More accurate freight quotes also mean you don't underestimate the cost of shipping and reduce your profit margins. Pacejet supports connectivity to e-commerce websites and ERP-integrated use-cases with sales quoting transactions to enable fast, accurate, and easy quoting with rate-shopping. Your team can make decisions or you can engage customers in the process of choosing the lowest cost, best services, and transit times to meet their needs.

Quote Again When You Win or When You Ship

Once you win a sales order and depending on your business processes and commitments to customers, you may find it necessary to quote shipping costs again to get the latest information. If weeks or months have passed since a quote was issued, factors like carrier prices, fuel, and service fees might have changed dramatically. With Pacejet real-time freight quoting integrated to sales order and fulfillment processes, you don't have to worry about the details behind the pricing since you can simply run another quote to retrieve the latest, accurate shipment pricing from your carriers.

Watch the Freight Quoting Video Demo

Learn more by watching this short video demonstration on quoting an LTL/Freight shipment in a Sales Quote, later in a Sales Order, and then choosing whether to quote again during Fulfillment.

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