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Fully Connected Shipping

Automate Transfer Order Shipping to Further Reduce Costs

With all the focus on sales orders, item fulfillment, and customer service, we sometimes forget that there are other order types in the world and that shipping costs money for those orders too! Pacejet considers transfers orders just another movement of inventory from one location to another, using a carrier, and involving an integrated ERP transaction, in this case transfers between your locations. In fact it could be more impactful for your business to use Pacejet features like additional carriers and rate shopping with transfers than even sales orders, since your company probably pays for all of the cost for transfer shipments between locations rather than charging some to customers.

Read on to learn more and view a demo video with NetSuite transfer shipping.

Demo of NetSuite Transfer Order Shipping

The demo video shown below provides a quick tutorial of transfer order shipping using Pacejet and the NetSuite ERP. Notice that the same Pacejet features like rate shopping, use of multiple carriers options in one user interface / process, auto packing, and more are available to users --- just like any other shipment. Integrated data flow, automatic paperwork, all the elements you'd expect in any shipment are available to help users simplify transfer shipments, eliminate manual tasks, and reduce costs.

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