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Here's How to Kick Those Bad Shipping Habits


The new year means a start fresh and the desire to rid ourselves of behaviors that don't do us any good. When it comes to shipping, there could be some bad habits in your process that cause you to lose time, money and customers. The top three habits shippers have a hard time breaking, but affect the bottom line, include:

  • Spending too much on freight costs
  • Having limited carrier options and services
  • Using multiple shipping software and websites
Pacejet will show you how to kick these to the curb during a 30-minute webinar on Wednesday, January 28, 2pm ET. During this session, we'll give you the tips to:
  • Find the most cost-efficient LTL/Parcel/3PL rates for your shipping needs
  • Expand carrier options beyond the standard players
  • Ship and manage your process from one solution

Reserve your spot for our webinar to get the details.

Can't make it to the webinar? Put your name on the list to receive a copy of the recording. Visit our blog for helpful information to help you kick more bad shipping habits.

Questions? Contact us at 877-722-3538 or send us an email.

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