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Fully Connected Shipping

Reduce Shipping Costs in NetSuite Drop-Shipments and Purchasing

In our latest Built for NetSuite release to SuiteApp.com, Pacejet has introduced freight quote support for NetSuite purchasing to help users further reduce their overall transportation costs across their operations. If saving money on inbound shipping costs or directing your vendors to save shipping costs on orders they drop-ship to customers on your behalf would help your business, take a closer look at the video on the latest NetSuite shipping solutions from Pacejet.

Support for standard purchase orders or special orders with Pacejet and NetSuite enables users to quote inbound shipping costs, transit-times, and services across multiple carriers to leverage visibility and rate-shopping to find the best and lowest cost delivery options. In addition to new inbound features, the new NetSuite freight quoting solution also supports drop-shipment purchases linked to sales orders so users can direct vendors to use lower cost shipping options, ultimately reducing the costs that are passed back to shippers and/or billed to customers.

For existing Pacejet users (or new NetSuite users evaluating Pacejet), notice the consistency in the user experience provided with the new purchasing features. By leveraging the same Pacejet tools and real-time carrier network, purchasing activities have the same efficiency and automation in quoting freight as users who manage sales orders, estimates, and fulfillments. Users don't need to worry about manual data entry, don't need multiple software applications, and the entire process is connected to carriers and fully automated.

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