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Fully Connected Shipping

The Competitive Advantage of Regional Carriers

More and more mid-large shipping companies are turning to regional shipping carriers to handle their shipments. Increases in fuel costs, maintaining a consistent work force, changes in the industry like upcoming DIM charges from a few of the major carriers, and the need to stay competitive are just a few of the reasons why companies are looking to regional carriers to handle their shipping needs. Pacejet users can activate regional carrier options like Pitt Ohio Ground, Spee Dee, OnTrac, and others with their existing subscription to quote freight and evaluate rates or to run a trial shipping program to see if specific carriers are a good choice for your customers and operations.


Read on to learn more about the benefits of regional shipping carriers.

Even though some regional carriers may not have the name recognition as some other options, they are proving to offer shipping rates and services that keep up with the bigger players. In addition to cost efficient shipping rates, the speed of delivery tends to be a key value-point since these carriers operate within a set geographic area.

Here are a few tips when selecting a regional carrier for your shipping needs:

  • Check for pick-up and drop-off coverage for your locations.
  • Review value-add services from regional, often they are very unique.
  • Check for the best freight costs and transit times by specific services.
  • Ability to adjust to requests like late pickups and early delivery times.
  • Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (i.e. Pacejet)
  • Determine overall value of carrier (shipping options, performance, customer service, delivery management) in order to maintain a competitive advantage.
Pacejet offers a complete, cloud-based carrier network, including many regional shipping carriers, to meet your needs. Click here for more information, give us a call at 877-722-3538, or send us an email.

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