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Fully Connected Shipping

Freight Quotes in Purchasing and More in Latest NetSuite Shipping Update from Pacejet

Pacejet is pleased to announce new NetSuite shipping innovations for freight quotes in purchase order management, helping users reduce costs for inbound shipping and for vendor drop-shipping processes. The new features allow NetSuite users to access the Pacejet network of LTL, Parcel, 3PL carriers to perform real-time freight quotes, use negotiated rates, and leverage rate-shopping to find the best and most cost-effective carrier shipping services as part of purchasing driven transportation activities. Released as an upgrade to the Pacejet Built for NetSuite bundle (some existing users may need a subscription change), the new P.O. quoting features are included with a few other key enhancements such as improved access support via single sign-on, default freight terms for customers, and enhanced voiding of item fulfillment.

Read on for more details on the new NetSuite features from Pacejet. The latest NetSuite shipping bundle (v5.10) from Pacejet will be released to the SuiteApp platform in December, please contact our support team to plan your upgrade.

The new purchase order freight quoting features deliver cost-saving tools for a few types of different of NetSuite purchasing scenarios including drop-ship P.O's cross-referenced to sales order lines, special order purchases linked to sales order lines, and also for standard inbound purchase orders. Purchase order quoting follows the same type of workflow as Pacejet freight quotes for estimates, orders, and item fulfillments by activating a quoting activity that transmits order data to carriers in real-time, retrieves quotes, and then updates Purchase Orders with a selected carrier, price, cost, and delivery instructions. For e-commerce users with high levels of drop-shipping activity with vendors or for those NetSuite users with a lot of inbound freight expense, the new quoting features could offer substantial cost-saving opportunities.

As part of ongoing feature upgrades and solution refinement, the next NetSuite bundle upgrade from Pacejet also includes some other new and refined features such as:
  • Default Freight Term: Added the ability to set a default Freight Term on the customer record to more easily management Third Party, Consignee, and other freight billing scenarios for individual customers. The ability to set a global default Freight Term for all customers will remain in place.
  • Single Sign-on Support: New support for NetSuite single-sign on will allow users to access Pacejet automatically with their NetSuite credentials. This feature will be activated with a platform update available in January
  • Session Based Update: Added the ability to use session based updates that can update NetSuite transactions without requiring a named integration account to be used for standard update processing integration.
  • Additional NetSuite Field Updates: Added the ability to update the Delivery Instructions field in NetSuite when a shipment is processed. Now this field can be used to import instructions into Pacejet, and to update NetSuite with a new set of notes after the shipment has been processed.
  • Reset Item Fulfillments: Added the ability to reset an Item Fulfillment once the shipment is voided from the shipping workbench. When used in conjunction with auto-staging, the user can control if the Item Fulfillment shipping data is transmitted into the Pacejet shipping process again.
Thank you to the many NetSuite users who continue to give Pacejet great ideas for continuous innovation, our best ideas come directly from you! For more information, review the release notes published in Pacejet Help and contact support for more information and assistance.
If you are a current NetSuite user looking for an integrated shipping solution, contact us at 877-722-3538 or info@pacejet.com.

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