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Fully Connected Shipping

More Visibility and Better Business Decisions with Shipping Dashboards

Shippers have enough on their plate on a daily basis, from processing orders to getting them out the door and everything in between. There isn't time left in the day to look at the big picture: how much was spent on shipping during the week, what carriers were used, how many shipments went out the door. A simple way to tackle this common challenge is with a shipping solution that provides metrics that can show a quick, bird's eye view of shipping activity easily.

Dashboards within Pacejet give shippers this important data while making it simple to stay on top of shipping performance. These dashboards summarize:

  • LTL, 3PL, and Parcel carrier choices and freight costs
  • shipping volume by each carrier
  • full shipment history by day, week, month or year
  • key shipping performance metrics
  • shipment tracking history and much more
This key information can be generated within Pacejet to give shippers a complete view of their activity, including which carriers are used the most, average freight costs for each, and how many shipments are processes within a set time frame. This insight helps fine tune any shippers process including where a few extra dollars can be saved along the way, while helping them make better business decisions.
Check out this video with a quick overview.
Like what you see? Give us a call at 877-722-3538 or shoot us an email at info@pacejet.com and we'll show you how you can put these dashboards to work for your business.

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