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Easier Freight Quotes for NetSuite Users Not in the Shipping Department

One key strategy for leveraging lower shipping costs in selling is to make freight quoting easy for the front-line sales and services reps who are not shipping experts. Take a closer look at this 2 minute video on one-click freight quotes that handle Parcel, LTL, 3PL with rate-shopping while taking the complexity out of the process so anyone can get a better grip on shipping costs. Read on for a few more details on how this works with Pacejet and NetSuite.

While the shipping department understands that items, packaging, weight, freight class, and other factors have a huge impact on shipping costs, nearly everyone else on your team may not have the time, understanding, or information available to them at the right time to factor those issues into shipping calculations. Unfortunately the trouble balancing complexity with shipping cost-drivers often leads to shortcuts like "quoting by weight" or using a "percentage of order value", leaving your business or customers open to big surprises and unhappiness when the final shipping bill arrives.

The Pacejet answer to this problem is to provide an easy, one-click quoting process but combine it with more NetSuite order data and some smarter automation to strike a better balance of getting a quote quickly but not requiring users to drill into an unfamiliar sea of complexity and decisions. For example, item information can be inspected for length, width, height, weight attributes and used in an "auto packing" calculation to estimate the number of packages that an order will likely need when it's shipped. Users don't need to know this is happening when they click "freight quote" on a sales order, the system simply does the math and includes the containers in the quoting process. Other examples include automatically including special services, doing special markup, or even automatically validating an address --- detecting it's a residential delivery and adding the appropriate carrier services into the quote.

Smarter automation inside an easier freight quoting process doesn't have to be 100% accurate to deliver a very solid ROI in your business. When you consider the new dimensional weight rules, added expense of multiple packages, and many other complicated shipment pricing issues, even a 30% increase in freight quoting accuracy can add up to thousands of dollars per week in savings. It may not be as hard as you think to deploy easier freight quoting with a one-click, easy experience for your users. Give Pacejet a call for more information.

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