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Fully Connected Shipping

Measure NetSuite Shipping Margins for New Year Planning

Now is a great time of the year to use NetSuite reporting with enhanced Pacejet shipping data to review your shipping effectiveness for the year and start thinking about improvements for next year. How much did you spend with each of your LTL, Parcel, or other carriers or 3PLs? How did prices compare to costs for shipments of various types or customers? Were service levels and coverage where you needed them to be? Do you need to add any carriers or new services to win new customers or work on reducing costs for some types of shipments?

Fortunately by running Pacejet as your NetSuite multi-carrier shipping solution, you have a complete range of shipping price, cost, service, and other detail for all of your carriers integrated into your NetSuite item fulfillment records. Read on for more detail on improved NetSuite shipment reporting with Pacejet or grab some coffee and watch the 1 minute demo video below.

With Pacejet implemented in NetSuite, a more complete range of shipping data is captured into your item fulfillment records. For example, Pacejet fields such as Freight Price and Freight Cost separately track both your shipping costs, based on your carrier negotiated rates, and your shipping prices, based on pricing rules you determine for billing shipment costs to customers. With both shipping cost and price available, you can easily report on shipping margin for different types of carriers, shipments, customers, or categories of products.

Other field enhancements include Freight Terms, which provide not only the industry-standard controls (i.e. Prepaid, Prepaid and Charge, Third Party, etc...) to manage who pays for each shipment but then provide the reporting detail you need to see how shipping costs are flowing through your invoicing process. If you've chosen to use standard NetSuite fields such as the residential delivery field or to add custom service fields for shipping accessorials like Lift Gate, Delivery Notification, or other billable services, you can include reporting details on those services to help keep an eye on how often they are used, the customers who need them, and their impact on overall profitability.

With shipping rates going up and up, a periodic review of shipping margins can help you keep an eye on potential cost issues before they significantly impact your business. Curious how it works, take a quick look at the 1 minute video posted here. Contact our support or services team if we can help you make better use of enhanced shipping data in NetSuite.

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