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Fully Connected Shipping

Time to Re-Energize Your UPS Shipping Services Portfolio

If you haven't reviewed the UPS services used in your shipping operations in awhile, now may be a great time to consider some upgrades and improvements in your Pacejet setup. The latest Pacejet carrier network connection to UPS (internally identified as v13.1) offers a full complement of improvements, new service options, easier configuration and setup, and is, of course, UPS Ready certified. And as always, there's no required upgrade to your standard ERP integration so you can simply request to have Pacejet upgrade your UPS connection, complete any appropriate UPS-related configuration, and start shipping immediately.

Note that for existing Pacejet users, you will need to coordinate the upgrade of your cloud environments to Pacejet 14 before you can activate the very latest UPS Ready carrier connection. Please read on for more details on the latest Pacejet features for your UPS shipping portfolio.

The latest UPS Ready connection in Pacejet greatly simplifies the registration process with easier setup using a simple UPS invoice and elimination of the requirement for UPS account representative involvement to activate your negotiated rates. A few highlights of other features you'll be able to implement with the new UPS connection include:

  • New and improved UPS parcel shipping services
  • Improved and better integrated UPS LTL / Freight shipping
  • New support for UPS Ground with Freight Pricing
  • Integrated support for UPS SurePost services
  • New and improved options for UPS generated forms in addition to Pacejet forms including a UPS generated Bill of Lading, Invoice, Nafta COO, Packing List, or SurePost CN22 forms
  • Improved freight quoting with UPS services for parcel and LTL / Freight
  • Implementation of shipment processing for 200 containers
  • Improved handling of multiple UPS accounts during shipping
Contact Pacejet support to learn more, access detailed documentation in the Pacejet Help system, and ask for assistance upgrading your UPS shipping portfolio.



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