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2 Major Changes at Pacejet

The Pacejet Team is ready to leave for SuiteWorld17 in Las Vegas (Pacejet is a SuiteWorld17 Gold Sponsor), and what better time to roll out two major changes. If you've ever visited Pacejet before, you might notice things look a little bit different. We're currently completing a rebranding process and focusing our business more than ever on how we can help you grow your business.

Take some time to check out our new look.


First Big Change: Our Brand

Believe it or not, Pacejet launched 14 years ago. We've become the leading cloud-based enterprise shipping software solution and have seen significant growth working with ERP platforms and creating direct integrations through our API. Over the past few months, we've been exploring who we are and where we are headed. 

One thing we know for sure: it's time for businesses to make shipping a strategy and Pacejet is here to help. 

We're a company with a heritage rooted in logic, focus, flashes of brilliance, dedication and commitment - and a ruthless curiosity to solve the challenges our customers face. Not flashy, our group has a quiet confidence because we know our team is comprised of highly intelligent problem solvers obsessed with accomplishing goals. That's not bragging, it's just a fact. Our customers work hard, face real challenges. We can help. We won't rest until they prevail. Because we own the space between the shipping dock and the customer.

We are: obsessed, curious, honest, passionate, committed, creative, proud, changing, and optimistic. That's Pacejet.


Second Big Change: Our Platform

We are in the process of building a more robust and streamlined front-end web experience and will be rebranding all of our assets, including videos. But these things take time. We didn't want our customers to have to wait, however, before they could experience an enhanced platform.

Today, we rolled out a brand new update and we're excited to be able to demo this experience at SuiteWorld17 next week at Booth #914. If you are a customer, login and know that you are in the right place. We hope you enjoy the changes!



What Do You Think?

We'll continue to share new materials as they come out, including new videos with customers, updated demo videos, and more. If you are headed to SuiteWorld, stop by Booth #914 and say hi and learn more about all the changes we've made this year. If you won't be there, but would like to learn more about how Pacejet can help you grow your business, contact us today.

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