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Pacejet 18.3 release with webhooks, Scan Pack performance, and more

We are pleased to announce the Pacejet platform 18.3 release which includes new webhooks functionality in the Pacejet API, major performance improvements for Scan Pack, updates to support an upcoming major upgrade of UPS parcel and freight, new visualizations support for ShipOptics™, and many usability improvements and software corrections.

The 18.3 release is scheduled for the first week of October deployment for all users and will not fundamentally change your primary user experience. Existing Pacejet users will be notified of final upgrade scheduling for your specific location via Pacejet in-app notification. Please read on to learn more about the Pacejet 18.3 release features.

API Webhooks

Version 18.3 brings new webhooks support in the Pacejet API, allowing applications to subscribe for automatic notification when various types of shipping workflow events occur. The technology allows more interactive integration use-cases with ERP systems, opens up new customer service opportunities triggered by shipping notifications, and makes integration processing more event driven.

What can your application do with Pacejet webhooks? One example is to create a "Delivered" status indicator in your ERP that uses a webhook in combination with Pacejet Carrier Performance to automatically mark shipments as delivered in your ERP system when carriers notify Pacejet. Another example is to notify your e-commerce application with a webhook as soon as a shipment has been processed in the warehouse and again once the shipment has been delivered.

The 18.3 webhooks support includes subscriptions for ShipmentConfirms, QuoteConfirms, VoidConfirms, ShipmentStatus, and LoadClose. A new Subscriptions API endpoint allows you to create, list, and delete webhooks from within applications or you can use the administration page for managing webhooks. A new webhooks logging feature also makes it easy to monitor webhooks events as they occur.



Scan Pack Performance Improvement

Another enhancement with Pacejet's 18.3 release is a major performance upgrade for the Pacejet Scan Pack solution. Part of what makes Scan Pack run quickly is that most processing occurs client-side in the browser but that behavior can also create bottlenecks with larger orders. With 18.3 we've taken a fresh look at the processing techniques and delivered a major performance improvement to help users handle more items and more containers in their orders.


Visualizations for ShipOptics™, Reports, and Dashboards

Another new usability feature in 18.3 is the addition of new visualization support for reports, ShipOptics™ scorecards, and dashboards. New types of charts, graphs, and other visualizations will make all areas of Pacejet data analytics easier to use and more productive for users. The example shown below is a new "On-Time Delivery Scorecard", updated for use with the Pacejet 18.3, and designed to provide weekly visibility to late shipments across carriers.


Support for Upcoming UPS Upgrade

We recently completed a major UPS connector upgrade for Pacejet, passed the UPS Ready certification process, and are finalizing our internal QA and documentation cycle for release to customers. Part of this upgrade includes some new enhancements delivered in 18.3 that will make use of the new UPS features easier. We expect release of the new UPS parcel and freight functionality in Q4, so keep an eye on the blog an in-app notifications for more detail. 

Other Usability Improvements

In addition to the major improvements noted above, the 18.3 release also includes customer requested productivity updates. One example includes a method to automatically convert labels emailed off the confirmation page to PDF, even if they are returned in formats such as JPEG. Other improvements include updates to invoice handling, the user interface, and report contents in the Freight Audit module.

Another popular request was an action to easily trigger ERP updates for multiple shipments at once, useful for situations where the ERP might have become inaccessible for some reason while shipment processing had occurred or if specific shipments were during shipping. 

Reach out to learn more

Pacejet customers can contact their customer success managers or Pacejet support to learn more about the new Pacejet 18.3 platform release. If you are new to Pacejet, email info@pacejet.com and one of our team members will reach out to discuss your specific needs. You can also reach out and one of our team members will provide the release notes for 18.3 or simply search Pacejet help.

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