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Upcoming Release 17.1 Brings New Pacejet Features

Pacejet is putting the final touches on version 17.1, which is set for release within the next few weeks. New and existing customers will find features worth noting, from enhanced rating, improved carrier integration support, a new load management module, a feature to email labels and documents from the confirmation page, new scan-pack enhancements, and more.

As with every automatic Pacejet upgrade, existing users will see no change to their primary workflows, but administrators should plan on monitoring operations during the first day or two after upgrading.

Learn more about all of the features available in Pacejet version 17.1, as well as the timing for roll-out.



New Features

As the Pacejet team completes release 17.1 preparations, we're currently planning on a roll-out date of Tuesday March 7, 2017. We'll notify administrators and users via the blog and in-app messages regarding the final timing, along with detailed release notes. Here are some of the key features coming in 17.1 to improve your shipping operations.


Smarter Custom Rate Rules: Custom rate rules are used for many reasons, but now customers have even more options. This new feature allows "business scenario" based freight quotes, enforcement of customer rules, and easier customizations by enabling dynamic suppression of carrier service classes.

Want to find the "cheapest ground service", "fastest freight transit-time", or "any parcel service that gets it there by Tuesday"? Smarter customer rate rules in 17.1 can help.


Load Management Module: Although the name might seem to imply "truckload", this new feature is really about better management for different types of "shipping groups". For example, customers can use this feature to create end of day manifests for DHL Ecommerce and USPS.


Scan Pack Enhancements: Scan pack continues to be a popular feature among Pacejet users and most of the enhancements in 17.1 came directly from specific customer requests. New features include improved scan-code and self-pack options, flexibility to scan an item and enter a large quantity, and tighter controls to prevent quoting or shipping until packing is fully completed.


Confirmation Page Emailing: Ever wish you could quickly email a return label or a bill of lading out to a customer? This convenient new confirmation page feature allows you to easily select a label or document and email it out to shipping contacts or anyone else who might need a copy.


API Updates: The Pacejet API is gaining traction with many new users, partners, and integrators implementing a variety of use-cases for quoting, shipping, and more.

The latest tools in 17.1 integrate the API Help area into your Pacejet location and provide enhanced logging to view transaction response times and search the API log as you develop your integration. 

We've also updated the API Samples page with dozens of templates to show request scenarios and we've added a new load status endpoint for additional functionality.


New Administration Options

We know that self-service is important, and we've added new administrative options to 17.1 to help you further customize Pacejet to your needs.


Carrier Editing Page: Customers now have more control over settings for active carriers such as suppressing a class of service that you no longer wish to use, adjusting shipment cutoff times, or maintaining XREFs for your ERP integration.


Location Settings: You can now update the default timezone for locations, providing a default for automatic reports and documents rather than detecting this from the user's web browser location.


Document Types: The concept of a document is expanding to include "types," such as a shipping document, a load close document, and a load stage document. Document printing is still triggered by shipping user activity and controlled by configured rules, but now there are more types associated with more shipping activity options.


If you are a current Pacejet customer, watch for more information on how you can take advantage of the features in 17.1 via in-app messages and our blog. If you are new to Pacejet and want to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through improved shipping operations, contact us today.

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