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End of Year Shipping Stress Can Help You Plan Improvements

Posted by Ron Lee on 12/18/15 6:22 AM

December can be a stressful month for many business shippers as extra demand, tighter deadlines, and labor challenges often force some visible "stress fractures" in order fulfillment processes. Common examples of an over-stressed fulfillment process include slow-downs and delays from surging volumes, increased costs from expedited shipping requests, more lost, damaged, or mistaken shipments, and larger-than-normal gaps between what you expected a shipment to cost and what shows up on the carrier invoice. It's not much fun, we don't need to tell YOU that, but what if those end of year stresses could be put to good use making next year better? The good news about all the end of year rush and stress is that it will give you an oversized set of data to highlight improvement strategies. Here are some of our top recommendations for using all that extra shipping data and your end of year challenges to make NEXT year less stressful.

Read on to learn about turning end of year challenges into improvements for the new year ...

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See Your Shipment Spending, Savings, and Potential Savings

Posted by Ron Lee on 11/23/15 5:21 AM

We spend a lot of time at Pacejet working on ways to save shippers money. Many users are laser-focused on labor, so much of our attention ends up centered on productivity savings from improved workflows, better ERP integration, or new types of automation. But while process improvement is important, we get most excited about functionality, visibility, or tools that identify "piles of cash" we can help you keep. Today's post is focused on that big pile of cash that most shippers pay to carriers every month, providing a video demo close-up on using the Pacejet Shipment Savings Report to see your shipment spending, savings, and potential savings.

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5 Ways to Manage Your End of Year Shipping Rush

Posted by Ron Lee on 10/23/15 9:46 AM

This time of year shippers in many businesses will start dealing with an end of year rush in shipments. Many consumer product companies are getting ready to handle Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the "normal chaos" of the holiday buying season. Other businesses will start managing volume surges for retail seasonal "restocks" which often require heavier use of expensive LTL shipping. Still others find that holiday vacation schedules create staffing gaps that make it tough to keep shipments moving quickly and efficiently out the door. Whatever the reason for your end of year shipping rush, we'd recommend these five ways to make managing the flood a little easier.

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Using Freight Account Overrides for Better Billing Control

Posted by Ron Lee on 9/18/15 9:53 AM

As your shipping operations grow, there is a good chance that mixed freight terms and billing requirements will become more complex. You might pass along some shipping costs to customers as charges that appear on their invoices or sometimes your company will pay for shipping as a customer service. Your larger customers may have learned to aggregate their total carrier spend for better discounts and may want you to ship against their carrier account numbers. Another increasingly popular scenario is where shipping charges for orders received through online web sites such as Amazon will need to be shipped against an overall "corporate" account number. Today's post and demo video takes a closer look at using the Freight Account Overrides feature with Pacejet to simplify third party billing of shipments with NetSuite.

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