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What retailers can learn from Amazon’s 'try before you buy’

Posted by Cara Posey on 7/27/17 10:29 AM

Currently in beta, Amazon will soon roll out its new ‘try before you buy’ feature exclusively to Prime members.

The latest release comes in a bid to make clothing purchases easier for consumers. But how does it work and what can retailers adopt or learn from Amazon’s latest approach?

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How to Pick a Shipping Carrier

Posted by Cara Posey on 11/18/16 8:39 AM

Picking a shipping carrier can be a difficult task for mid-market companies that don't have a dedicated traffic department. Someone has to take the time to find carriers, vet the carriers, get the bids, and evaluate them. And then there is the challenge of measuring results. This is why many brands find themselves with only 2-3 carriers, which may not be the optimal amount for your business.

While the process of evaluating carriers can seem time consuming, there are very valid reasons why a shipper should look at new carriersIn this post, we'll walk you through the process of how to pick a shipping carrier, what to do once you've made your selection, how to evaluate their performance, and what benefits you can look for.


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Integrate Freight Shipping Into Any Software or Cloud with the Pacejet API

Posted by Ron Lee on 3/14/16 10:15 AM

It's surprising that freight shipping integration gets such short shrift from most ERP, WMS, and ecommerce systems. Freight shipments typically cost 10x more than parcel so even a modest volume of 10-20 LTL shipments per week can cost $500,000 or more in a year, making integration-driven efficiency a big opportunity to reduce costs. The video in today's post takes a closer look at using the Pacejet API to integrate LTL shipment processing into any software or cloud application. The demo is a bit techy since we're using API endpoints and the Pacejet user interface, but the types of data involved, decisions, and options are useful for developers, users, and managers alike.


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More Detail and Demo Videos on Using the Pacejet API for Improved Quoting and Shipping Across Your Business

Posted by Ron Lee on 1/14/16 2:49 PM

If your organization is growing and changing, perhaps adding new locations, acquiring new companies, or deploying new ecommerce websites, the Pacejet API might help you support improved quoting and shipping processes that save time and money. For example, if ecommerce expansion is on your radar for this year you could use the Pacejet API to integrate freight/LTL shipping options or expanded parcel choices into your new web sites. Alternatively, if your company acquires a new division with a custom, older, or different ERP system than the rest of your business, you could use the Pacejet API to easily integrate advanced quoting and shipping functionality without replacing the ERP. Whatever your quoting and shipping needs look like, the Pacejet API provides a modern, open, RESTful technology solution for leveraging a broad range of shipping services from our network of LTL, Parcel, and 3PL carriers and services. Today's post provides some additional detail on the Pacejet API with links to new demo videos that introduce the technology and demonstrate how it works.

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