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You Can Recapture the 20-30% of Sales Lost From Unexpected Shipping Costs

Posted by Ron Lee on 1/29/16 10:28 AM

How much extra sales growth could you deliver with more complete and accurate quotes for shipping costs? What if those freight quotes could include expanded options such as LTL / freight service or even low-cost regional parcel delivery? Even if we only look at the impact on ecommerce sales alone, there are three consistent themes in almost every source of research: 1) shipping charges kill sales conversions, 2) unexpected shipping costs are the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment, and 3) abandon rates are between 20-30%. Today's post takes a closer look at how to improve freight quoting and includes a demo video of how to use the Pacejet API with the Pacejet network of parcel, LTL, 3PL carriers to better answer the question "how much will it cost to ship?"

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More Detail and Demo Videos on Using the Pacejet API for Improved Quoting and Shipping Across Your Business

Posted by Ron Lee on 1/14/16 2:49 PM

If your organization is growing and changing, perhaps adding new locations, acquiring new companies, or deploying new ecommerce websites, the Pacejet API might help you support improved quoting and shipping processes that save time and money. For example, if ecommerce expansion is on your radar for this year you could use the Pacejet API to integrate freight/LTL shipping options or expanded parcel choices into your new web sites. Alternatively, if your company acquires a new division with a custom, older, or different ERP system than the rest of your business, you could use the Pacejet API to easily integrate advanced quoting and shipping functionality without replacing the ERP. Whatever your quoting and shipping needs look like, the Pacejet API provides a modern, open, RESTful technology solution for leveraging a broad range of shipping services from our network of LTL, Parcel, and 3PL carriers and services. Today's post provides some additional detail on the Pacejet API with links to new demo videos that introduce the technology and demonstrate how it works.

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New Pacejet API Integrates Enterprise Shipping Into Any Cloud or Software

Posted by Ron Lee on 12/22/15 2:31 PM

ERP integration has been a core feature of Pacejet cloud-based shipping software as we've worked to improve and expand the platform over time. Pacejet integrations with leading ERP systems such as NetSuite, SAP, Infor, Plex, Microsoft, and others have been popular and have helped us grow to process millions of quotes and shipments. One of the self-imposed limits we've placed on Pacejet ERP integration solutions is that we've never provided full public access to allow anyone to integrate Pacejet into any application or software of choice.  As we get ready to move into the new year, Pacejet is pleased to announce the Pacejet API, an open RESTful integration technology that integrates Enterprise Shipping functionality into any cloud or software system.

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See Your Shipment Spending, Savings, and Potential Savings

Posted by Ron Lee on 11/23/15 5:21 AM

We spend a lot of time at Pacejet working on ways to save shippers money. Many users are laser-focused on labor, so much of our attention ends up centered on productivity savings from improved workflows, better ERP integration, or new types of automation. But while process improvement is important, we get most excited about functionality, visibility, or tools that identify "piles of cash" we can help you keep. Today's post is focused on that big pile of cash that most shippers pay to carriers every month, providing a video demo close-up on using the Pacejet Shipment Savings Report to see your shipment spending, savings, and potential savings.

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