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Pacejet Prepares for SuiteWorld 2017

Posted by Cara Posey on 3/17/17 11:01 AM

Will we see you in Las Vegas this April? Pacejet is a proud gold sponsor of SuiteWorld 2017. We see the potential for Oracle + NetSuite customers to look beyond shipping as a commodity and instead view shipping as a business-changing opportunity--and we look forward to talking to everyone about how to grow business through better shipping.

The 21st century is the shipping century, and we expect more and more companies to realize this as Amazon leads customers to expect everything to be fast, easy, and inexpensive while still wanting great service.

Pacejet leverages technology to help businesses not only compete in this marketplace, but to thrive. And that's why, in 2016, Pacejet grew over 50% and processed millions of quotes and shipments for Oracle + NetSuite users alone.


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Pacejet Heads to SyteLine User Network (SUN) Conference

Posted by Cara Posey on 3/9/17 11:17 AM

Are you planning to attend the SyteLine User Network (SUN) Conference next week in Orlando? Pacejet is ready to go and there are two ways you can meet up with us during the event.

Join Karen, Kurt, and Tom at Booth #1 throughout the conference. We'll be there to meet with customers and to provide all attendees with more information on Pacejet, which is trusted by more SyteLine users to optimize order fulfillment than any other solution. The SyteLine and Pacejet shipping software platform is the only complete cloud-based shipping application available on the market today.

We recently worked with Single Source Systems to re-architect and upgrade our shipping solution to provide a more native experience within SyteLine. You can visit Single Source at Booth #3 after you're done visiting Pacejet.

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Call for Speakers at NetSuite SuiteWorld 2017

Posted by Ron Lee on 10/14/16 8:35 AM

Pacejet is looking for interesting user stories to share at NetSuite SuiteWorld 2017, does this sound like you? Pacejet will be a sponsor at SuiteWorld 2017, where more than 6,000 users, partners, and staff will gather April 24-27th in Las Vegas. Interested customers who use both NetSuite and Pacejet may be eligible for funding towards your trip. There are limited time slots available, so we've got to act fast.

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3 Things We Learned From One of The Top Cloud Events in Enterprise Software

Posted by Ron Lee on 5/23/16 10:59 AM

Last week the team from Pacejet had the opportunity to sponsor and attend NetSuite SuiteWorld, one of the top cloud events for enterprise software. We learned a lot about ongoing successes and challenges for business shippers as we talked with many different customers, prospects, and partners in San Jose. As I reflected on our conversations with businesses in ecommerce, distribution, and manufacturing, three over-arching themes came to mind and I thought I'd share them in today's post.

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