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The science of shipping with Pacejet

Enhanced Canada Post Integration Adds Improved Domestic and International Shipping

New Features, Carriers

Pacejet is pleased to release an upgraded integration to Canada Post. Customers will receive many new and significant features with the enhanced Canada Post shipping support provided by Pacejet.

This includes support for end of day manifesting with the Pacejet loads module, preprinted return labels, reference field mapping, mailed on behalf support (third party accounts), commercial invoice document printing, and more.

We're delighted to see this update expand our support for Canadian shippers. Make sure to read on for more detail.

New LSO Parcel Integration Offers Fewer Fees, Lower Rates, Better On-Time for Southern U.S.

New Features, Carriers

Pacejet is pleased to announce new parcel integration support with LSO, to further extend the range of fast and low-cost parcel services for Pacejet shippers. LSO is a regional parcel carrier for the southern United States. 

When using a regional parcel carrier, businesses gain various benefits when compared to their national counterparts. Shippers using regional carriers report up to 40% in cost savings, as well as fewer surcharges, lower accessorial rates and package charges. As they focus on particular geographic areas, regional carriers also provide a much larger percentage of goods delivered between 1-2 days. 

Because they cover specific regions, they offer value-added services including later pickup times and expanded next day delivery areas. 

Regional carrier options could be the right choice for your business - explore our article on Why carrier choice matters. 

To find out about LSO, their commitment to a local presence, and the benefits of Pacejet integration support, please read more.

Upgraded 3PL Integration with Echo Logistics


Pacejet is pleased to announce upgraded integration support for shipping services from Echo Logistics, a global 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider with locations and support across the United States. Today's post will explore the upgraded integration features and services from Echo Logistics that could significantly improve your shipping operations.


A.DuiePyle Upgraded Carrier Integration Released

New Features, Carriers

Pacejet is pleased to announce upgraded integration support for freight shipping services with A.DuiePyle, a freight carrier many Pacejet customers use for their LTL needs. A.DuiePyle is renowned for their complete range of integrated transportation and distribution services, now recognized as the NorthEast's premier transportation and logistics provider. 

Read more to find out about A.DuiePyle and the benefits of enhanced integration support offered by Pacejet.

Pacejet loves to uncover shipping trends and truths that help us improve customer operations, save money, and move businesses forward. That's why we believe in the science of shipping—because companies are ever-evolving and data, analytics, and flashes of brilliance can help you get where you want to go.

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