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Expanded Services via ExFreight Integration

Posted by pacejet on 8/15/16 1:24 PM

Pacejet is pleased to announce a new carrier integration upgrade for ExFreight services. The enhanced ExFreight integration includes support for air, ocean, and truckload classes of service as well as new processing features. ExFreight offers many innovative and price-competitive freight and international shipping services, so read on for more details if new shipping options are on your radar.

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3 Things We Learned From One of The Top Cloud Events in Enterprise Software

Posted by Ron Lee on 5/23/16 10:59 AM

Last week the team from Pacejet had the opportunity to sponsor and attend NetSuite SuiteWorld, one of the top cloud events for enterprise software. We learned a lot about ongoing successes and challenges for business shippers as we talked with many different customers, prospects, and partners in San Jose. As I reflected on our conversations with businesses in ecommerce, distribution, and manufacturing, three over-arching themes came to mind and I thought I'd share them in today's post.

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More Detail and Demo Videos on Using the Pacejet API for Improved Quoting and Shipping Across Your Business

Posted by Ron Lee on 1/14/16 2:49 PM

If your organization is growing and changing, perhaps adding new locations, acquiring new companies, or deploying new ecommerce websites, the Pacejet API might help you support improved quoting and shipping processes that save time and money. For example, if ecommerce expansion is on your radar for this year you could use the Pacejet API to integrate freight/LTL shipping options or expanded parcel choices into your new web sites. Alternatively, if your company acquires a new division with a custom, older, or different ERP system than the rest of your business, you could use the Pacejet API to easily integrate advanced quoting and shipping functionality without replacing the ERP. Whatever your quoting and shipping needs look like, the Pacejet API provides a modern, open, RESTful technology solution for leveraging a broad range of shipping services from our network of LTL, Parcel, and 3PL carriers and services. Today's post provides some additional detail on the Pacejet API with links to new demo videos that introduce the technology and demonstrate how it works.

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Shipping Growth By the Numbers for This Year, As More Online Commerce Challenges Carriers

Posted by Ron Lee on 12/28/15 4:00 AM

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it has been another big year in shipping growth fueled by expanding and changing patterns of online consumer shopping. As over the last few years, continuing trends include strong growth in mobile purchasing, surges at Black Friday and Cyber Monday, record-level of packages delivered, and an overall increase in total retail now transacted online. Putting some of the growth in perspective by the numbers is always an interesting exercise, so today's post will highlight some of our favorites.

Read on for more shipping numbers this year...

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