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Are you ignoring packaging optimization and losing profits?

Posted by Cara Posey on 8/3/17 2:05 PM

Your packaging strategy has a direct impact on your bottom line. If you use too much packaging, you incur unnecessary costs in materials and carrier charges. Use too little, and you fail to protect your products, leaving you with significantly higher costs to replace the original items and send them to the customer a second time.

What may seem like only a couple of dollars wasted at a time, when you have thousands of boxes shipped every month, can quickly turn into thousands or millions of dollars lost every year.

Let’s explore a few of the main reasons why packaging optimization should be a priority.

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4 Things to Know About US Shipping Investigations

Posted by Cara Posey on 3/24/17 10:24 AM

News broke this week about an investigation launched by the United States Justice Department (DOJ) into container shipping companies. The DOJ has ordered top executives to testify in an antitrust investigation, which is exploring whether shipping companies have been price-fixing

Shipping executives were in San Francisco for a large meeting last week, as members of the International Council of Containership Operators, commonly known as the Box Club. Crashing the meeting, the DOJ issued supoenas to multiple companies in attendence.

Here's what we currently know about the investigations and how it might impact you.

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The Perfect Customer Order Hinges on Fulfillment

Posted by Cara Posey on 2/3/17 1:42 PM

As a company that ships, you know that you can get everything right with an order, but a customer's satisfaction depends on the shipping experience.

If the item arrives late, a holiday can be ruined. If it arrives broken or doesn't arrive at all, you have fees and replacements to handle. In a world where merchants are increasingly competitive online, success depends on perfecting the customer order process from start to finish in order to keep and grow your customer base.

Ultimately, customers want their order at the best price, delivered on time and as promised, to the destination of their choice. It's your challenge to make that process as seamless as possible.

Here are some steps that companies need to take to perfect the customer order process.

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5 Shipping Challenges You Need to Overcome in 2017

Posted by Cara Posey on 1/18/17 2:31 PM

Think about the biggest challenges your company has experienced with shipping this past year. Nothing brings these challenges to light more than the holiday season, which just closed with a 21.6% increase in online sales. While retailers had 97% fulfillment, the crush of orders being filled certainly brings pain points to the surface.

Companies may not even realize it, but they often find themselves trapped by many of the same things other manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors encounter.

  • Shipping is inefficient—Your team is wasting time managing multiple carriers and logging in to multiple websites each day.
  • There is no integration—You lack an ERP system and shipping platform that work together in sync.
  • The solution isn’t scalable—As your business adds new brands and partners, it is impossible to manage all of the shipping requirements.
  • Carriers are too expensive—Your company lacks a multi-carrier strategy with the ability to quickly shop rates across carriers to ensure low cost in the best time frame for each shipment
  • Strategy isn't evolvingShipping is changing and operations execs are looking for ways to save, provide better service, and stay current. What are you doing in your business?

If your business wants to be known for consistently efficient service, there is a better way to get there. Here are five shipping challenges you need to overcome in 2017 to help grow your business.

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