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Pacejet Is a Most Promising Technology Provider by CIO Review

Author Ron Lee on 8/13/15 8:00 AM
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2015 has been a year of rapid growth for Pacejet and we'd like to thank our many customers and partners who are helping us make it happen. Our users now process millions of freight quotes and shipments through Pacejet, many new businesses have joined our shipping community, and recently CIO Review included Pacejet as a Top 20 Most Promising Logistics Technology Solution Provider for 2015.

If you are an existing Pacejet user, we hope you're taking advantage of some of the improvements delivered so far in 2015. Major new feature releases, faster quoting and shipping, carrier network expansion, improved ERP integration, new modules, and new paperwork / labels / reports are just a few of our latest innovations. We know we have a lot more work to do and we have some exciting new developments in the pipeline, so please keep your ideas coming in!

Evaluating Pacejet as a potential customer or a partner? Stop waiting and get started today! Pacejet is committed to a vision of shipping software that reduces the cost and complexity of shipping by giving businesses greater access to carriers and services, real-time prices with rate-shopping, and a more efficient shipping process.

Only Pacejet offers complete multi-carrier quoting and shipping, real-time carrier connectivity, and native ERP integration in a true cloud platform. Need to introduce someone in your business to Pacejet and how it can help your operation? Get them started with our 2 minute video intro.

Ready to learn more about reducing the cost and complexity of shipping with integrated, cloud-based shipping software? Drop us a line.



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