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Expanded Services via ExFreight Integration

Author pacejet on 8/15/16 1:24 PM

Pacejet is pleased to announce a new carrier integration upgrade for ExFreight services. The enhanced ExFreight integration includes support for air, ocean, and truckload classes of service as well as new processing features. ExFreight offers many innovative and price-competitive freight and international shipping services, so read on for more details if new shipping options are on your radar.


Enhanced Integration with Ex Freight

The standard Ex Freight connection provides access to LTL services with support for a wide range of accessorial services such as call for appointment, construction site delivery/pickup, hotel access delivery/pickup, inside delivery/pickup, and more. The latest integration upgrade now supports air and ocean services in addition to truckload. New transactional features include electronic scheduling of pickups during shipping execution and the option to retrieve an ExFreight-generated bill of lading. Support for tracking via API has been added and a new test mode application setting makes piloting with this carrier during setup easier to manage.

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Learn more about enhanced shipping service integration with any carrier by contacting our support team. Please note that this enhanced integration support does not imply any endorsement by the carrier mentioned in this update, your contract is between your company and the carrier. Our team would be happy to discuss your setup and provide advice on activating any enhanced carrier integrations.

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