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Reduce Paperwork with Combined Packing Slip and Shipping Label

One of the benefits of the Pacejet cloud-platform over legacy shipping software is our ability to make continuous feature updates and then deploy them quickly into users hands without the hassle of software upgrades. We're still learning and working to accelerate development cycles, but we're getting better and faster at delivering new innovations.

Case in point, today's blog post covers a new combined packing slip and label document --- a feature requested by a growing number of users and popular with e-commerce shippers.

Combined Packing List and Label Form

The combined packing slip and label integrates a shipment packing list with a carrier label into a single document that prints on a standard laser printer. For the right business situation, the single form can mean a faster and easier shipping process with less paperwork. Although a single-document form is not the best fit for every shipping operation, you can combine the new form with Pacejet rules to print the combined document only when it's appropriate for your needs and use more traditional documents and labels for other situations.


Standard Documents for FedEx, UPS, USPS

Like most features in Pacejet, the new combined packing slip and label document supports multiple carrier choices (e.g. see example FedEx document below). Standard versions for FedEx, UPS, and USPS will be added to the standard Pacejet document library and made available to users running Pacejet 15 and up. For users that stick with the standard layout, implementation will be as simple as adding a new document with a new printer setup and the configuring the document rules that will trigger printing.



Consistent Template Layout Design

Another feature of the new document template is a consistent layout across the set of carriers supported by the standard set (e.g. see example USPS document below compared to the FedEx version shown above). One side of the document is packing slip detail and the other side is the shipping label, allowing you to use the document as a single label or in an external document/label sleeve. Features like mappable carrier reference fields are still available to you, so you there is no loss of carrier functionality or certification with the new forms.



Flexible Document Layout If Needed

Although we like to see users stick with the standard Pacejet document library as much as possible so they benefit from enhancements we make, the new forms can be customized if needed. For example, Packing Slip detail in the UPS layout shown below can be adjusted to add new information or adjust the layout. The UPS label construction cannot be adjusted beyond UPS parameters but with the added display area on the left, many additional requirements can be addressed.



Trying it Out for Your Needs

A combined packing slip and label document is not a fit for every shipping operation, but the new forms are a great option for those how need it. As with any new feature or document, you'll want to think through how it might apply in your operation, test it out carefully, and consider pilot testing it for a set of your shipments. If you want some extra help, now would be a great time to reach out and volunteer since we're looking for early adopters to help us iron out any wrinkles in the new forms.


Learn More

Interested in learning more about Pacejet or the new combined packing slip and label documents? Contact us today at 877-722-3538 or via pacejet.com.


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