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Get Your First Carrier Bill of the Year?

Author pacejet on 2/13/15 6:52 AM

Annual rate increases, new carrier pricing to charge by size (aka "dim weight"), increased fuel surcharges, and new service fees -it's enough to stress out anyone! Many business are seeing increased shipping costs of 10-20% or more this year and are just now feeling the impact as new carrier invoices start arriving.

So what do you do now? How can you get a grip on all the increases, reduce their impact on your business, and more accurately quote shipping fees going forward through the rest of this year?

Join Pacejet for a 30-minute, complimentary webinar on February 19, 2pm ET when you can learn how to handle this chaos by:

  • Quoting shipping costs more accurately
  • Reducing costs by adding new carrier options
  • Capturing package detail for accurate pricing
  • Using reports to help understand shipping spend

Save your spot today.

Questions? Contact us at 877-722-3538 or send us an email.

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